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1 year ago
Top notch Whore!
2 years ago
I definitely love your performance
1 year ago
He erupted right in the back of her throat
10 months ago
This the kinda head I randomly got a few weeks ago , I offered to give a girl a ride and thought it was just that a few exits down from where I was.. she got in and we went for a few miles and she asked could she suck my dick as payment for the ride.. at first I was hesitant but I hadn't nutted in about 2 weeks so next thing you know I'm pulled over with her lips around my cock. I proceeded to take her to the place originally planned and she said thanks for the ride. Damn that nut felt good
Disappointed Pervert 3 months ago
She ain't no teen. :(
sandy 3 months ago
i gave my first blow job in a car he cum and he held my head so he could cum in my mouth i had to swallow his cum he told me to so i swallow it. i start to suck him a lot and hes married what should i do
1 year ago
Lil gal can suck a dick. Good job gal. I got 20 bucks. Hope I see u out. Lol
8 months ago
So love when I get the chance to pick her up after class raising her skirt finger fucking her as she sucks my hard cock. Sometimes pulling down a wooded road for a quirky.